Plastic, alias Jim Moldback, is a sloth and a founding member of H.A.L.O. He is a brilliant scientist, computer programmer, and inventor.

Origins Edit

Plastic's story appears to have been merged along with everything else when the Darkfox and Happy Forest universes were amalgamated. He started as a superhero in the Darkfox universe who lost his partner Paper when the two of them were entrapped by an unspecified villain (he remembers it being Ironhorse). Plastic blamed himself for Paper's death because he, as a sloth, could not move quickly enough to help without his unique speed-boosting equipment, which had been taken away. The reason for Plastic's handicap in the original Darkfox story is open to conjecture. As a result of this tragic loss, he had given up on being a superhero.

It took the re-appearance of Paper to bring Plastic back to his senses. It was she who suggested that Plastic should substitute plastic armor for the long-gone speed-boosters, and this spark of hope motivated him out of his doldrums.

Plastic died in the struggle with Dr. Hood's minions aboard the villain's shrinking ship, but he was reborn when the HALO universe was recreated.

Powers Edit

Plastic's power is psychokinetic control over objects made of any kind of plastic. His power is so well-practiced and precise he can use it to type or turn a screwdriver. It has also been shown that his power extends to other elastic polymers, as was the case with Hypergoat. Like Paper, when he is separated from plastic he is very vulnerable to attack, especially because his physical speed and reflexes are so slow. Nevertheless, his well-developed mind is more than capable of forming plans as long as his emotions do not cloud his judgment.

Personality Edit

Plastic is very much in touch with reality to the extent that he is inclined to see only the harsh truths of life most of the time. He can have quite a temper when he is discouraged into frustration. However, he is very self-confident when he is in his element. He is truly content when he is working on the computer or building some gadget. He is the careful, methodical counterpart to his partner Paper.

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