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Psi-Borg is a psionic cyborg and subcommander of the Weird Warriors East in the Intense Universe.


Psi-Borg's real name is Robbert Whitaker. He is the brother of Brad Whitaker, AKA Mentalis, founder of the Weird Warriors. He joined the Weird Warriors as Laser-Man, but was nearly killed when the villain Omegabrain attempted to pick his mind and unleashed his power at its highest possible level. Doctor Sam Schmidt, AKA Lion Tamer, was able to save Robbert by encasing what was left of him in a cybernetic body.

Psi-Borg was created by Oren Otter as one of the charter members of the Weird Warriors.


When he was Laser-Man, Robbert had the power to project beams of light and heat from any orafice of his body, including eyes, nose, mouth, ears, navel, around the edges of his nails and a couple of other places. His psionic powers were weaker than those of his brother, Mentalis, but he could communicate telepathically with anyone already having telepathy. He was also highly empathic.

As Psi-Borg, Robbert's brain is encased in a glass dome, removing the barriers to his telepathic powers and allowing them to expand until they almost rival those of his brother. Psi-Borg's body is modular, allowing him to exchange parts at will.


Having been extremely slight, Psi-borg has opted for a large and intimidating body. His present appearance, though very large, is highly suggestive of a skeleton. Though he does have a skin which makes him look somewhat normal, he rarely deigns to wear it.


Psi-Borg is incredibly intelligent and an expert at electrical engineering. He had a large part in designing the bionic systems which he and his brother both use. He is also the creator of Volt, the Android, as well as the static light projector.

Socially, he is a follower and a helper.


Mentalis, brother

Volt, son

Laser-Man, clone