Rainbow is, arguably, the daughter of Dark Avenger Nine. She is an amalgam of DA9's human daughter from the Darkfox universe, Rayna Brown, and his lapine daughter from Happy Forest universe, Rainbow Rabbit. Her real name is the same as that of her human analogue, Rayna Brown. Because her rabbit analogue is the daughter of a transformed human, Rainbow is more human than most people in the HALO universe. This may explain her attraction to her human teammate, J Shifter, to whom she is now married.

Powers Edit

Rainbow is able to emit light from any part of her body. This light is always divided into a full spectrum of color. With concentration, she is able to increase the intensity and focus of the light, using it as a laser or a heat ray.

Origin Edit

Rainbow is a mutant. However, finding her own natural powers embarrassing in light of her father's "dark and gritty" image, Rayna avoided using her rainbow powers for many years, instead relying on gadgetry supplied to her by her father. Rainbow first appeared in the original HALO story arc when Tung brought J Shifter to her lair to place him under her protection and ask her help in uncovering Dr. Hood's plans.

Personality Edit

Rayna is the dark and brooding type. She is quick to anger, preoccupied with presenting a tough image, and quick to deny herself. Those who are able to truly get to know her are aware of a sweeter, more tender Rayna deep down inside. Only her husband, J Shifter, has been able to draw this personality out.

Appearance Edit

Rainbow is a white humanoid rabbit, approximately 21, with a left ear that hangs down over her face by her own design. (A choice she now regrets) Her costume usually consists of tight pants, a vest over a tube-top, a loose pair of belts and a safety visor.

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