Little Red is a red fox cub who was adopted by Jim and Chanelle Skunk Fluffle and who has, through no fault of his own, shaken up the couple's young marriage.

Origins Edit

Red first appeared in Room For One More shortly after the first appearance of the Fluffles. They were being tested for genetic compatibility at an area hospital when Aroma and Chanelle happened to pass near the obstetrics ward, where they discovered a crying bucket. Red was the victim of a botched saline abortion and still quite alive, though he might have suffocated if Chanelle had not picked him up out of the bucket where he had been left. A wacky adventure followed and Red was finally delivered to Homonymia where the Life Jacket that had saved Fnaire's life was reworked into a healing blanket, which healed Red's burns.

Appearance Edit

Red is too young to have any distinguishing characteristics, so at present he is simply a fox cub with brown fur. He usually wears nothing but a diaper unless he is going somewhere with his mother and needs to be bundled up.

Personality Edit

Red seems to be very intelligent, already able to say "Mama" and "Dada" within hours of his birth. Other than that, he seems to be playful and enjoying life. The storyline in which Chanelle learns she is expecting twins offers an insight into Red's thoughts, which suggests at this point he has good intentions but lacks good planning skills. He is just a baby, after all.

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