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Group: Moonbase

Creator: Brittany Greatbear

Current artist: Oren Otter and Eala Dubh

Style: Black and white ink

Premise: The wacky and weird adventures of a bunch of college students who happen to be anthropomorphic animals, focusing primarily on the characters inhabiting Frye Opossum's mansion, located at 86711 Prospect Blvd.

Setting: Fort Crawlins world, or simply "Room for One More" Earth


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Major Characters[]

  • Frye Opossum, the mansion's owner and heiress of some $45 billion, as well as former closet monster
  • Fnaire Antbear, arguably the main character, a cool-headed yet somewhat self-conscious type
  • Aroma Skunk, the eccentric artist who likes to try cooking but could burn a salad

Other Characters[]

  • Terry Vark
  • Adonis Leonine
  • Charles Perkins (the raccoon)
  • Clarice Pentine (the cobra)
  • Charity O'Porpoise
  • Jon Krupp, aka The Wide-Eyed Krupp Monster
  • Jon-Jon
  • Aurora
  • Hoots
  • Gronk
  • Mokele Mbembe, aka Mokie

More On the Setting[]

The world in which this comic takes place resembles more familiar parallel Earths in geography but the most significant difference is that most non-human animal species (including some dinosaurs) are also sentient humanoids and can be considered people in every respect. Legend has it that a certain wizard (not Nikito) may have been responsible for the uplifting of the animals in some far ancient time in this world's history. Oddly enough the history of this world is also not significantly different until modern times, at which point non-humans finally began to be recognized as people and at the present enjoy many of the same privileges. Also worth noting is the "PG rating" rule which is explained as a natural physical aspect of all mammals excepting apes (such as Jon-Jon) which conceals unsightly nipples and genitalia most of the time. Aside from "heat", which is induced by sexual pheromones, clothing is therefore optional, although certain countries used to have laws requiring it nonetheless.

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