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Sadie is a blonde-and-silver-furred North American river otter who appears in The Changing Workplace and Oren's Monastery.


Sadie has had a number of different incarnations. Her very first appearance was opposite Oren Verden in the text story "The Last Otter Warrior", in which she was Oren's friend and his nephew's babysitter. She became extremely jealous of Oren's ability to transform into an otter, but by the end of the story, had gained the ability of sidelong transformation using the Mercury Swordbelt.

Another version of Sadie has been mentioned in Otter Island. Not much has been revealed about this Sadie except that Oren likes her, but she does not return his feelings.

A third Sadie appeared in the fantasy series Metamor Keep. This time, she was a hobgoblin whose birth name was Vitra of the Bloodbourne. Her name was changed to Sadie when she was baptized and then married to Oren on the same day.

The "standard" Sadie first appeared in The Changing Workplace in a story arc which saw Oren seeking extra income working at the zoo. Sadie instantly took a liking to Oren and fancied herself his girlfriend. Her sister Blackie was much more caustic in her welcome. Oren has vacillated between acceptance and rejection of her advances, feeling himself an unfit mate for a normal otter. He finally decided to accept her and propose marriage, only to discover that she had recently been engaged to Harry.

Sadie does not consider herself officially married to Harry, who apparently has not reached sexual maturity and might well never do so. Sadie and Oren remain friends today.

Oren and Sadie were to be married in 2003. The comic strips depicting their betrothal, preparation, wedding and honeymoon were drawn up, and would have been posted to the website on the day of Oren's real life wedding. Sadly, Oren's fiancée canceled the wedding, and the strips were never shown.


Sadie's last name is Green.

Sadie and Blackie were both born in Mississippi.

Sadie is fluent in English, Sipi, Baku and Chichaga.

Sadie's favorite chore is making sure all of the stuffed animals have had their hugs.

Eye color: Green

Sadie's ears are lower than those of the average otter, and are the same color as her underbelly. She is also one of very few otters with true freckles.

Weekly salary: 105 fish