Scarry is a mischievous tanuki character from Webcomic U. and Bonzaiyaki.

Origins Edit

Scarry first appeared in Webcomic U. as one of the new students, sharing a room with Floyb, Eugene, and Pikazapmaru. His first appearance in Bonzaiyaki introduces him as a resident of the enchanted grove with no fanfare. It is not yet known whether he has any kind of tanuki powers, such as shape-shifting.

Appearance Edit

Scarry resembles a raccoon with grizzly-gray fur and a striped tail. He has a scar over his right eye resembling a stereotypical poorly healed knife wound, from which he derived his name. He stands about one meter tall upright, about the same size as an ordinary raccoon dog or tanuki, and wears no clothes.

Personality Edit

Scarry seems to enjoy hanging out with other creatures who make trouble and playing tricks. In Webcomic U., he is frustrated by his course of study, which deals with how to be a cartoon villain. Apparently he does not wish to be evil, even though he is convinced that it is required of him, since "good animals don't have scars." Nevertheless, he seems likely to make friends with the antisocial Pikazapmaru. As a sidenote, he has discovered he is susceptible to the hypnotic power of Ditsey Princess Zorxoxna.

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