Sir Fluren is the main protagonist in Castle Horsetooth.

Origin Edit

The in-story origin of Sir Fluren is unknown. Fluren was created by Oren Otter specifically for Castle Horsetooth.

Appearance Edit

Sir Fluren is typically drawn in an extremely Jay-Ward-ian style. His skin is a dark orange. His hair, which flips up into a huge spiral in front, is black. His head is a square with large, innocent eyes. His body is extremely gangly, and is perpetually dressed in simple grey armor with a white mantle and oversized white gloves. On his head, he wears a small visor which could not possibly fit around his head.

Personality Edit

Fluren is a very good person, as he strives to be. He is extremely sunny in his disposition, and tends to trust everybody. He is fairly naive, but also extremely clever. He is extremely right-brained, having little common sense but incredible ingenuity, making him the perfect compliment for left-brained Briarwood.

Trivia Edit

Fluren's favorite place to play as a child is now 86711 Prospect Blvd., Frye's mansion.

Fluren can't cook.

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