Steve (no last name) is a scientist who seeks to understand the nature of the multiverse in which he lives.

Origin Edit

Nothing is known about Steve as he is introduced in the webcomic Journey to the Bottom of the Multiverse as the protagonist. He lives on some iteration of Earth, though exactly which one is never specified. Having opened a wormhole of some kind, he states his intended goal of traveling to the bottom (zakos) of the multiverse and, with his assistant Wilma, sets off. He was created by Oren Otter for this series.

Appearance Edit

As his physical appearance is in constant flux throughout the story, there are only two aspects of it that remain constant: his large eyes and the cow-licked forelock of his hair. His human form is fair-skinned with dark hair, standing an average height of about 175 cm. He is slender and lacking in muscle, and has a rather prominent jaw and chin.

Personality Edit

Steve is naturally curious and seems unafraid of danger. However, his tendency to focus on a single goal, like Agent 86 (Get Smart), keeps him from noticing key details about his environment and even his own behavior. He also has an inflated ego, taking no account of other people's feelings or opinions as long as they do not affect him in a way he cannot brush off. In fact, he had not yet bothered to become familiar with Wilma's name at the outset of their adventure. This aspect of his personality was challenged by his encounter with Biff the mouse, among other things, but remains unchanged.

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