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TF&F Help Desk is a regular feature on OtterTunes which stars Oren Otter in the role of a technical support operator at Transformation and Furry (TF&F). In this job, rather than the usual issues with technology, all questions are based on literary examples of metamorphosis or transformation. Examples to date include Io the cow; Pygmalion; Schmendrick, the tree, and Amalthea; and some unnamed person who was transformed into a Quibblequum bird. The same person called back after being turned into a Zizzer-zazzer-zuzz; these episodes were marked by a mild curse upon Oren forcing him to address the question in Seussian verse.

So far, Oren has been performing alone but he has had one guest character, Benny Brownpaws, to sit in for part of an episode (number 5, "Mr. Limpet and Yes, That's My Real Name").

TF&F Help Desk is a member of Phases Websonics.

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