Taji Sato is the main character of Magimals, a comic of the battling monsters genre.


Taji first appears in the very beginning of Magimals as the assistant of Doctor Ephraim Sycamore, a noted biologist based in the rural town of Verbsberg, Wunno. Dr. Sycamore sends Taji out on a quest to collect one of every kind of magimal found in Wunno in order to facilitate his research.

Taji's name is a tribute to the inventor of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri.


Taji begins as a young man of about sixteen, though he ages noticeably over the course of the comic. He has dark brown hair which juts about six inches over his face and skin about the color of cassia. His eyes are blue and his eyelids perpetually display a dusty indigo shadow. His face is wide with prominent cheekbones and a pronounced chin. His nose is small, with the underside a darker color than the rest of his face, giving him a somewhat animalistic aspect.

Taji's apparel usually consists of sneakers, jeans, a belt, fingerless gloves and two shirts, one a polo shirt and the other a button-down which he wear open over the polo shirt. He is rarely seen without a zap-pack hanging over his left hip and a quiver over one shoulder.


Taji has a penchant for finding trouble not of his own making. Because of this, he is prone to a rather pessimistic demeanor. This both creates and is balanced by a sincere appreciation whenever things go right. Consequently, Taji is a complex character who can be both sunshine and shadow at once. Taji is a very helpful sort, and seldom turns down a request for assistance, though he also pursues his own goals relentlessly, and is easily distracted from those missions he takes on for others.


Taji has a knack for making friends, both human and magimal. During the course of his adventures, he has shared the road with several human companions. Among them, Helga the breeder, Jinki O'gyoh the traveler and Susie the Protown champion.

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