Tak is a fruit farmer who lives on Otter Island. He is an otter of the species known as the groots. He is an almost constant companion to Blalok and Sayna


Tak was born on Otter Island and has been a farmer all of his life.

Tak first appeared in Oren's Otter Island artwork, before any of the stories were written.


Tak is thinner than the typical Groot, being hypoglycemic. His fur is light brown with a tan underbelly. His hands are not webbed, and both his thumbs and pinkies are clawless.


Tak is the sort who wants to put in an honest day's work and live a quiet life. Consequently, he is easily dismayed when misfortune strikes. However, he is very sociable and fiercely loyal to his friends. He would not hesitate to put himself in danger to protect them.

Tak is best known for his love of fruit. Because he is hypoglycemic, he eats a great deal of it, and is often teased for his sweet tooth.


Tak is voiced by Eala Dubh in the radio show.

The name Tak means "defender" or "warrior".

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