This article is about the Intense Universe Earth, where most of the action is based prior to the Galactic Age. It is the primordial source of all humans and their progeny peoples.

Summary Edit

This version of Earth developed spacecraft and other futuristic technologies very early on but after the axis of empires fell and their moon base was destroyed, practically all this advanced technology would be lost for millennia. Benevolent mutations resulting in all manner of super powers are rampant on this world, but still not so common that the average person would be aware of the existence of such meta-humans. Indeed, it could be said that nothing which happens within the focus of stories set in this world has any real impact on its history, at least until the time of the Galactic Age.

At "Present" Edit

Terra is a member of the United federation of Worlds. In the Galactic Age, however, Terra seems to lose significance in light of the galactic scope of the stories set during this future time. It is more like a major city where people from all over the galaxy may visit or pass through as they wish.

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