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Group: Moonbase

Creators: Oren Otter

Current Author: Oren Otter

Style: Black and white ink

Setting: Earth (The Changing Workplace)

Premise: Oren has an odd job. He fills out paperwork for characters in transformation-related stories.

The Changing Workplace was begun as a semi-autobiographical webcomic which depicted Oren and other writers from the Transformation Story Archive group in the context of an imaginary company called the Transformation Simplification Agency whose clients were magical characters usually involved with transformations. Since any character from any story may make an appearance without affecting their own continuity, the setting is often referred to as "TCW Earth" and this fact has served as a punchline on more than one occasion. In time, Oren shifted the focus of the comic to his own efforts to build a webcomic syndicate, as well as his dreams of starting a family. Old friends still appear once in a while.

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