The Chimera, depending on your perspective, may be regarded as either one or three characters in Bonzaiyaki. Its name, though it has not yet been revealed in the comic, is "Serendipity".

Origin Edit

The origin of the chimera in terms of the story is unknown.

It was created by Oren Otter specifically for Bonzaiyaki.

Appearance Edit

Serendipity has three parts. Its right side is that of a female goat with a full goat's head. Its left side is that of a male lion with a full lion's head. The tail is a snake of neutral gender.

Personality Edit

While Serendipity is actually a single being, its mind is heavily fractured, allowing the three heads to act with distinct personalities.

Sarah, the goat head, is left-brained. She is serious and often grumpy.

Petey, the lion head, is right-brained. He is a positive, upbeat type.

Andy, the snake head, is almost pure id. He is preoccupied with the physical and has a very hard time deciding on anything.

Trivia Edit

The name "Serendipity" was chosen because it can be broken down into three other names.

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