The Cleanser was a small-time villain from HALO with an environmental agenda, a sea otter with a water elemental ring.

Origin Edit

The appearance of the Cleanser in the second chapter of HALO was a very brief sub-plot, which served to reveal the existence of the water ring. He claimed to have been displaced from his home by pollution, and with his new-found power he meant to wreak revenge upon the civilized world. Nothing else is known about this character.

Power Edit

The Cleanser's ring allowed him to control the flow of water and increase water pressure wherever there was a supply. He was very flamboyant in the use of this power, but his lack of experience made him only a temporary threat.

Current Status Edit

After a brief battle the Cleanser was defeated handily by H.A.L.O. and handed over to police. Bruiser sympathized with his cause, and offered aid--once the otter had finished serving his time in jail.

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