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The Fluffles

Creators: Oren Otter

Current Author: Oren Otter

Group: Moonbase

Style: Realistic, black-and-white only

Setting: Antarctica

Premise: The day-to-day life and adventures of Jim and Chanelle in Antarctica.


Main characters[]

Jim Fluffle, a realistically drawn human.

Chanelle Skunk Fluffle, a slender-framed skunk, sister of Aroma.

Red Fluffle, a fox cub, Jim and Chanelle's adopted son.

Harry Steve, a skua on Jim's construction team who lacks common sense, but is nicer than the average skua.

Gorsky, a lazy, Russian polar bear on Jim's team who loathes antarctic life.

Byrd, a seal on Jim's team who was raised by seabirds.

Secondary characters[]

Otar, the local reindeer bus driver.

Juan, avian manager of the local general store.

Sven and Turk, the local doctors.

Jon-Jon, manager of a clothing factory, who has not yet appeared as of the writing of this article.

Trevor the Trout, Red's favorite cartoon character.


Jim and Chanelle also appear in Room For One More and Webcomic U..

The Fluffles is a spinoff of Room For One More.

The Fluffles was meant to appeal to Antarcticans, and features much of the real Ross Island.

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