The Tierune are a sentient race residing in their own dimension, who are allied with Otter Island.

Origin Edit

It is quite likely that the Tierune evolved as the result of magic pollution. This is not known for certain.

The Tierune were created by Oren Otter in order to introduce a race of beings who were completely alien in appearance.

Appearance Edit

Each Tierune consists of three distinct parts. The conduits which connect these parts exist in hyperspace and therefore are invisible to three-dimensional beings, including the Tierune.

The lowest part, which we shall call the tail, is a ball which is surrounded by a field of charged plasma. Muscles within the tail create electrical charges which alter the plasma field and propel the tierune in a desired direction. The tail is usually yellow.

The torso is a somewhat flattened spheroid to which six evenly-spaced prehensile tentacles are connected. These tentacles are extremely dexterous and can be folded to form "fingers". In the center of the top of the torso is the mouth, through which the tierune eat, speak and breathe. Excretory and sexual organs are concealed on the bottom of the torso. The tierune also have scent glands under each tentacle, much like human armpits. Torsos range in color from white to slate.

The head is a saddle-shaped object wherein the brain is contained. The entire head is completely covered in compound eye. Tiny whiskers protrude here and there which are able to detect odors. Pores in various locations over the head are able to take in air when the mouth is unable to do so. Tierune heads are usually red, but may be green, blue, purple or orange.

Female tierune tend to have petite heads, slender arms and round torsos. Their tails are smaller, but project a larger plasma field. Males have larger heads, wide torsos, stout arms, usually with hair between them, and large tails with small, strong plasma fields.

Culture Edit

Most aspects of tierune life reflect their biology, being connected but disconnected. Children leave home at a young age, but retain strong relationships with their parents. Couples may be married for years before moving in together. Work is often done in split shifts. Buildings and tools tend to be modular. Cities are spaced fairly evenly across the world, and a great deal of time and money is spent on maintaining the infrastructure.

The tierune used to have many nations, but contact with other dimensions has led to their amalgamation into a single nation.

Typically, tierune excel at creative endeavors such as art and engineering. Great tierune warriors are few and far between.

Tierune typically do not wear clothing, but can, if they wish to get fancy.

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Trivia Edit

"Tierune" was coined from the phrase "tiered one".