Tim the Tiger is one of the five main characters from Quest of the Therian Urn.

Origin Edit

Tim first appeared in the series as Lucy's retarded foster brother. When Lucy introduced him to the Urn, he used it to create toys. When the Urn took his humanity, Tim was transformed into a tiger.

Tim was created by Woofy for Quest of the Therian Urn.

Appearance Edit

As a human, Tim has a somewhat deformed face, with a crooked nose and eyes at different levels. As a tiger, Tim is rather cute. He does not have as many stripes as an ordinary tiger.

Personality Edit

Though able to express himself sufficiently, Tim lacked the skills to ever survive on his own, and was perpetually childlike. As a tiger, Tim is still childlike. Because his retardation was genetic, the transformation cured him, but even though he is now able to think clearly, he has only a feline intellect and is still mentally far behind the others.

Trivia Edit

Tim's two favorite characters are Critter-Man and Bob the Box.

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