Tommio Tomias, better known as Tommy, is one of the two titular characters of Tommy and PJ. He is a vegetalien, a humanoid plant-being, and his age is apparently no more than eight Earth years.


Tommy was created by Oren Otter as a part of a print comic strip project for a local periodical. When the comic strip moved on-line, Tommy was re-introduced.

According to the story, Tommy is the only son of Xanthus Tomias and Daphne Tomias, born on Venus. His father announced one day that the family would be moving to Procyon, where he had been instrumental in helping to establish a colony (though this detail was not revealed in the comic). Tommy was sad to leave the only home he had ever known, but after a brief period of adjustment, he has gone back to his usual self.


Tommy is a typical vegetalien, with a humanoid body layout. He stands about 110 cm tall. He has smooth green skin and large lizard-like eyes. His yellow hair comes only up to the middle of his head, with a few long strands sticking out in front. His chest is covered with three large dark green leaves. His hands are shaped like leaves and he has thumbs but no individual fingers. From the waist down his skin is covered with pale yellow root bark and his feet are likewise root-like, just flat enough to stand on, but the "heel" and "toe" are fully prehensile. He usually wears a t-shirt and black short pants, but he does not really require them; at play he may go without clothing entirely.


Tommy is a stereotypical little boy, modeled after Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes." He has a very vivid imagination and a penchant for mischief. He is highly impulsive and often finds ways to go and do things which are much more dangerous than he realizes. He is very intelligent, but his highly active mind resists the formalities of a classroom education. Nevertheless, he is completely loyal to his friends and family.


Other than his parents, the closest people to Tommy are his friends. His best friend PJ has been with him longer than he can remember. L'ria was his his other best friend when he lived on Venus, but since moving to Procyon his closest friends are Zuni Vier and Paul Barnabus.

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