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Tommy and PJ

Group: Moonbase

Creator: Oren Otter

Current artist: Oren Otter and Ashen Fox

Style: black and white or color

Premise: The wacky adventures of a fairly normal little boy named Tommy...except he is an alien from Venus whose best friends are a robotic giant rat, a human boy with bionic feet, and a Cavalier; and he lives on the colony planet Procyon.

Setting: Procyon and other Intense Universe locales

Major Characters[]

Tommio Tomias, a boy who seems to find trouble as much as he gets into it

Lyn PJ, the robot who was formerly Tommy's imaginary friend

Paul Barnabus, son of a medical doctor, a sensitive child with prosthetic feet

Zuni Vier, the girl-next-door and possibly an emerging love interest for Tommy

Xanthus Tomias, Tommy's father; the famous Venusian engineer who was instrumental in the establishment of the Procyon colony

Daphne Tomias, Tommy's mother

Other characters[]

The Rat Princess

L'Ria, Tommy's friend on Venus before he had to move away

Lyn Vocalizer and Magnetta, PJ's robot parents

Dr. Lyn, who built Vocalizer and Magnetta, effectively PJ's "grandma"

More On the Setting[]

Tommy and PJ takes place in the Galactic Age. The developing story goes alongside others relating to the evacuation of Venus and the terraforming effort there, as well as the colonization of Procyon 5. It makes reference to the common mode of long-range space travel, which employs huge deep-space liners that carry smaller short-range ships to their destination systems. It also reveals the legend of the Song of the Five Kings, which is supposed to activate latent DNA and grant special powers to help in time of need. The quest to find the parts of the song, which began in a story arc about Tommy's appendicitis, is still ongoing as of this writing.