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Tung is a humanoid anteater whose birth name is Thomas Neville Newski. As an amalgam character, he is the sum of Tongue the anteater and Tom Tunginewski the acrobat.


Tung first appeared in HALO when he rescued J Shifter from Doctor Hood. It was soon revealed that Tung is a mutant whose sole power is a tongue which is capable of extending indefinitely. Being disappointed with his "lame" superpower, Tung decided to make up for it by training to be the best he could be, mentally, physically and spiritually. Tung now serves as the leader of HALO.


Tung is adept at disguise, and uses hair color to hide his stripes while in uniform.

Tung has appeared on ads for Tongue Tanglers.

Tung died of vacuum exposure near the end of season one. He was revived by J Shifter.

The only one outside HALO to know Tung's true identity is Doctor Pennyweight.