The Vest of Bule is a special item of apparel invented by Oren Otter. It is transdimensional, and contains a sizable closet within.

Oren's Vest Edit

Combining a Vest of Bule with a Mercury Swordbelt, which both renders an object immaterial and amplifies its powers while transferring them to the wearer, Oren has been able to essentially install a working storeroom in his chest. This arrangement allows him to use anything within the vest in any combination just by thinking about it. Among the items in his vest...

Item Name Setting Taken From
Scarab Ring Shaggy Dog
Infinity Gauntlet Marvel Universe
Santa's Duplicating Bag some Halmark special
Santa's Duplicating Chamber The Santa Clause
Forget-Me-Knob Fairly Odd Parents?
Aphrodite's Mirror Intense Universe
Tome of Secrets Intense Universe
Crown of Ten Intense Universe
Kodhos Amulet Intense Universe
Apollo's Leather Intense Universe
T'lok Seal Intense Universe
Cuffs of Strength Intense Universe
Shoes of Speed Intense Universe
Suzyahn's Ring Intense Universe
Staff of Ages Intense Universe
Cloak of Shalot Intense Universe
Darksword Intense Universe
Developer's Staff Zyborg22's Secret Universe 1
Cursebreakers Homonymia
Body Swap earrings The Cute Chick
Thieves' Wallet Tales from the Darkside (?)
Monkey's Paw (treated with reverse wood oil) Monkey's Paw
Genie lamp Aladdin
Genie bottle I Dream of Genie / Dark Age Ranger
Bag of Holding Dungeons and Dragons
Green Lantern's ring DC Universe
Amulet of Zooboblios Magimals
Crimson Gem of Cyttorak Marvel Universe
Merlock Emerald Duck Tales
Key to Time Doctor Who
Lucky dime Duck Takes
Helver's Seemings Exchange Cat Fantastic
Solitaire Deck of Summoning Help Urban Myth
Guyver The Guyver
Easy Button Staples Inc.?
Eye Queue Xanth
Escafil Device Animorphs
Flying Carpet Arabian Knights
Otter Island Soil Otter Island
Silver Cross Intense Universe
Truth Mirror 10th Kingdom
Truth Monacle Tales of the Questor
Phase Glove Galaxy Rangers
Shrink Ray Fantastic Four
Bracelets of J'kel unknown
Purple Crayon Harold and the Purple Crayon
Magic Chalk ChalkZone
Frooze Paintbrush Land of Frooze
Director's Wand Out of Toon
Gutir Glue Unknown
Leash of Happiness Oren's own creation
Bargaining chip Xanth (?)
Pleasure Island water Pinnochio
Hand of Glory Harry Potter
several wands Multiple locations
Lux antenna Tales of the Questor
Big Head Mask Darkhorse
Balance Belt Intense Universe

...This is by no means an exhaustive list. By using the Thieves' Wallet, duplicating bag, phase glove and several other items in tandem, Oren is able to acquire pretty much whatever he wants by thinking about it.