Vic Torious is a Christian superhero, the titular character in a story appearing under Intense Stories. Vic Torious was one of the first of Oren Otter's comics to be published on the internet, appearing alongside The Changing Workplace and Tommy and PJ. It is jointly credited to Oren and the Joy Mission.

Characteristics Edit

His name is Victor ?, a young American man of European ancestry. His appearance is rather nondescript, except for his suit of armor. This consists of the hat (helmet) of salvation, the suit (breastplate) of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shoes of readiness to preach the gospel, the wrist-guard (shield) of faith, and the sword of the Spirit. It is essentially a brown dress suit, with the wrist-guard and sword, and perhaps the fedora hat, the only unusual accents. Each of the components has a special function and each gives a special power to Vic. His powers include super speed, a degree of invulnerability, bright bursts of light, and the ability to extract truth from people.

Origin Edit

Victor was a member of a street gang called the OverLords based in Boston, Massachusetts. They liked to play very dangerously and had no conscience when it came to intimidation tactics. One day they decided to throw a grenade in the direction of a Catholic church just after morning Mass let out. One of the nuns, Sister Steele, dived on top of the grenade before it exploded. Miraculously she survived and no one was hurt. The Overlords left angrily but Victor was left with a personal crisis of belief. This soon led him to forsake his old life and accept Jesus Christ as savior, after which the mysterious Finneas presented him with his armor and his mission.

Trivia Edit

Rumor has it that Johnny (the gospel of John), Vic's favorite talking sword, is actually some kind of alien creature.

Vic's origin story has never been fully seen online.

The story arc which pits Vic against his old gang includes a reference to the Weird Warriors.

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