Webcomic Commandos was created by Oren Otter as a pastiche of video games based on cartoons. Oren created a commercial for Webcomic Commandos to fulfill an art school assignment. Though no actual game has been made, Oren has said that he is so fascinated by the idea that he may yet make the game, or at least write the story for it.


In the game, six lame webcomic characters are given magical gemstones which transform them into powerful, supercool warriors. They are then called upon to battle a villain who has stolen two of the stones, becoming frighteningly powerful with a coolness level of over nine thousand megafonzies. To defeat the villain, the characters must work their way through a number of Pandora webcomics, honing their new powers and maximizing coolness.


The seven main characters include:

Bob the box from Webcomic U., who becomes a cubical humanoid with power over metal.

Spike from Rock in a hard Place becomes a rock-man with a cool goatee with power over earth.

Fats from Edge of Reason becomes a realistic Anthro frilled lizard with power over water.

Nikito from Castle Horsetooth changes from a mushroom to a humanoid fungus with fire power.

Eckert the bat from Amanda and her Plushie Friends gains arms as well as the power of air.

Floyb from Webcomic U. gains the power of electricity as well as energy arms and basic intelligence.

Loser, a relative of Marko from The Tongue, is the story's villain. Loser is a small, rectangular angel of death who grows to enormous proportions and begins toboth terrorize and take over the world.

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