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Webcomic U.

Creators: Oren Otter & Kaninus O'Farrel

Current Author: Oren Otter

Group: Moonbase


Setting: Webcomic University

Premise: Anders the Tamandua stars in this series about a college for aspiring webcomic characters.


Main characters[]

Anders Tamandua, the every-toon with whom we can all sympathize.

Jim Fluffle, a realistically drawn human.

Bob the Box, a grumpy yet lovable curmudgeon.

Wilburforce, the bubble-goth puppy with no nose.

Eugene, an action character who's rather nerdy.

Floyb, a wacky, armless humanoid with a taste for sausage.

Pikazapmaru, a rambunctious Yoyomon.

Scarry, a Tanuki who is reluctantly studying to become a villain.

Zorxoxna, an alien princess whose singing charms animals.

Secondary characters[]

Chanelle skunk, a roommate of Zorxoxna who is often overlooked because of her plain looks and shy nature.

Oval, an ellipse who is jealous of the attention Zorxoxna gets.

Cool X, the action teacher.

Very minor characters[]

Several students have appeared whose identities have not yet been revealed. However, they look like they might be...

Two early versions of Strong Bad

Cookie Monster

Triangle and Robert

Dunesberry's George W. Bush

The Liger from Napoleon Dynamite

The spoon from Edge of Reason



Jim and Chanelle are later married in Room For One More and go on to star in their own series, The Fluffles.

Scarry appears in Bonzaiyaki.

Bob is the second-favorite character of Tim the Tiger.

Wilburforce bears a strong resemblance to the puppy in Paranoia Agent.

Pikazapmaru is a zapmaru, the same as Jinki O'gyoh's lead yoyomon.

Floyb was inspired by three animated characters: Homestar Runner, Weebl and Cheese.

Zorxoxna is a Ditsey Princess, a parody of Disney Princesses.

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