Wilburforce is a character in Webcomic U., roommate to Anders Tamandua, Bob the Box, and Jim Fluffle. He is a stylized cute puppy dog with a perplexing personality.

Origin Edit

Wilburforce was partially inspired by the Japanese cartoon series "Paranoia Agent", which has in it a pink dog with no nose. He was also partially inspired by Owlguin Takanawa, a cartoonist who enjoys mixing extreme yin with extreme yang.

Appearance Edit

Wilburforce is a pudgy cartoon dog of indeterminate breed. He has floppy ears, oversized eyes and no nose, and his fur is solid pink. He wears only a collar with a round tag which we may presume bears his name.

Personality Edit

Consistent with his appearance, Wilburforce approaches other characters with a child-like enthusiasm and a penchant for affected speech and physical affection; but he reveals just as quickly that he enjoys contemplating the melancholy and macabre, even going as far as to imply he enjoys physical pain. No one else quite knows what to think about him, and he does not seem to care.

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