Wilma is a human scientist and assistant to Steve, who helped him to keep a video record of their adventure discovering the zakos of the Multiverse.

Origin Edit

Like Steve, nothing is known about Wilma at the outset of the story. She states no reason for being willing to help him, yet she goes anyways without hesitation. She was created by Oren Otter for the webcomic Journey to the Bottom of the Multiverse.

Appearance Edit

Wilma's physical appearance is in constant flux throughout the course of the story, but two things remain constant: her hair and her large round glasses, which hide her eyes from view. Her hair is a medium brown and straight, cut shoulder-length, and hangs evenly around her head, with bangs covering her forehead. In human form, she is about average height, around 170 centimeters, and her build is slight with very little bust.

Personality Edit

Wilma is inclined to think analytically and try to make sense of whatever she observes, but she is very quick to accept the way things are on their own terms. This seems to have made her perfectly suited to her role as the "brain" of the questing team. It is probably safe to say that she has some kind of feelings for Steve, even if only the motherly instinct to make sure he doesn't kill himself with his crazy schemes.

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