Wunno is the northwestern country in the world of Magimals and the setting both of the first season of the comic series, and of the first game.


Literopolis - a metroplex in the very northwest which spans almost ten percent of the country, Literopolis includes a bustling port, a large garbage dump, a power station, a supposedly haunted mansion, many fine statues and a train station connecting it to the capitals of the other nations. Literopolis is the capital of Wunno.

Arctic All - A remote northern city, gateway to Mt. Magma and Lake Fluent.

Adverbton - A farming community near Literopolis.

Inner Jection - A highly commercial town in the middle of the continent, it lies at the crossroads of two major highways.

Prepos Station - Formerly a trading post, Prepos station has evolved into a college town as the gateway to the academy. Camp Fluffy, a military training facility, is also there.

Adjectville - An industrial town and port city located at the mouth of Wunno's only major river.

Onomotopia - Home to a priestly order who once lived in the ruins to the north.

Protown - A small town which supports a zoo to the north.

Nounburg - A small port city.

Kon Junction - A small town which may be the hometown of Team Gerbil

Verbsberg - An island town, home of Taji Sato and Dr. Sycamore

Port Cardinal - A very busy port city on an island in the far south.


Jungle Island - home to numerous jungle magimals

Gold Island - Location of Oberon's Gate

Moon Island - A great location for catching space magimals

Floral island - An island known for its vivid foliage

Cardinal Island - Location of Port Cardinal

Escape Island - Believed home of Tymarus

Xandalon - Believed home of Windcaris

Other featuresEdit

Ocean trench - Great place to find deep-sea magimals.

Forgotten Valley - Home to a number of magimals believed to be extinct.

Mt. Highwing

Eastern Desert

Mt. Magma

Lake Fluent


Characters of noteEdit

Jeremy - a trainer who suddenly finds that his Zotaroo has turned into a human

Taji Sato - star of the comic and game

Ephraim Sycamore - Premier Magimal biologist

Helga - Magimal groomer and breeder

Harv Jager - cyborg treasure hunter

King Dav (deceased) - Known as a good king, and before that, a fierce shepherd

Zooboblios (deceased) - Famous enchanter, creator of the Amulet of Zooboblios