Zungo Utra is a character from the Intense Universe. He is an ancient drote geneticist who, along with Jovian Crit, created the Limifite animals.

Origin Edit

Zungo Utra was created by Oren Otter and has appeared in Beastknights and other Intense Universe stories.

Zungo was among the mentally-advanced drotes who settled in the Limifon galaxy thousands of years before the present time. He and his partner, for reasons unknown, used a sort of selective breeding program to create beings with special psionic powers from beasts taken from Earth. It has not yet been revealed whether Utra was among the drotes who moved on to the Fornax galaxy and narrowly escaped the plague that wiped them out, or whether he fell victim to the psionic transmogrification powers of the Limifite animals in their revolt; but whatever the case, he eventually managed to return to Earth.

Staying AliveEdit

Using his special knowledge and technology, Zungo has managed to keep himself alive for millennia by transferring his mind into a new body every time the previous one dies. He does not seem terribly particular about the physical character of his body, but he seems to favor anthropomorphic versions of mustelids, skunks, and other close taxonomic relatives.

When he met Nick Norbin of Jolt Squad he was female, the Queen of the skunks, and decided to transform Nick into an anthropomorphic skunk to be her mate, hence Nick's new name: King Skunk.

Utra's most recent incarnation is a baby badger, which will remain his form for at least a few years until he can come up with something else.

Leader of the BeastknightsEdit

With all his accumulated knowledge and wisdom, Zungo is the mentor-leader of the Beastknights, whose creation he himself masterminded as a counter for the growing threat of URPS. He leaves most decisions up to King Skunk but he provides all the information the team lacks about their enemy as needed.

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