Zuni Vier is a character in Tommy and PJ, a next-door neighbor of the Tomiases and a good friend of Tommy Tomias. She is a Cavalier, apparently about eight or nine years old.


Zuni was created by Oren Otter as a main character in the webcomic version of Tommy & PJ, likely as the token girl-next-door.

She was born on Xequephez but her family recently moved to Procyon. She may have had some trouble adjusting to her new environment but her own feelings on this matter were not revealed.


Zuni was shorter at her first appearance, but now stands about 150 cm tall. Her fur is white, and her mane and tail are black. Her eyes are either black or dark brown. Since she is not a horse in the strictest sense, she has fingers and toes rather than hooves. She wears fairly nondescript clothing, either a plain blouse and skirt or a t-shirt and jeans, but seldom wears shoes. As a joke, one time she was rendered without clothes by Fnaire who was not aware that Zuni, unlike her, was not comfortable with that. In keeping with the G rating, Zuni was partly blocked from view.


Zuni has what one might call a horse-like personality. She has a rather high opinion of herself and somewhat of a short temper, but she is usually amiable. She is intelligent and fairly well-disciplined. She enjoys an occasional adventure, and she is dependable in a pinch.

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